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Elementary printing assemblies

3D Printing :

  • Plastics

  • Photopolymers

  • Сomposits

3D Scanning :

  • Industrial

  • Architectural

  • Art

3D Modeling :

  • Engineering

  • Sculpting

  • Reverse engineering

3D printer service :

  • customization

  • modernization

  • repair

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EPTA welcomes YOU. We offer such services :

    For several years till now, EPTA has been helping Local cutomer to solve the following production problems using 3D technologies:

  • Foundry processes
  • Direct production of end product and tooling
  • Production of functional prototypes and visual models
  • Reverse engineering 
  • Geometry control
  • Measurement of buildings and premises for renovation / redevelopment
  • Designing, to optimize parts geometry
  • Researching  and educational tasks
  • Making 3D models
  • Full range of services for 3D printers maintenance

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More than 50+
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The most exotic colors and materials.

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fantasy embodied in plastic.

3D Printing

    We offer engineering and design services. Based on drawings, photographs or sketches with dimensions, our specialists will create a high-quality three-dimensional model, prepared for 3D printing.
    Before we start printing, a visualization will be sent tp you for approval.
    The cost of modeling depends on the complexity of the product. 

Engineering solutions of any complexity.

3D Modeling

    We can help you producing 3D icons and illustrations for your business.
Please contact us about the project before we start cooperation.
    What you will get from EPTA :

Studio quality 3D models any complexity.
    What I need from you to get started:

  • Whats your goal?
  • Share the idea.
  • Example of 3D illustrations that you like?
  • Any other useful information that will help us to produce 3D model.

scanning and post-processing at the highest level.

3D Scanning

    Objects with complex geometry, you can’t design, can be digitized using 3D scanners.
    We offer you any size object scanning, from small objects to people and buildings. 
    Scanning large objects can be realized by batch processing of your photographs of an object photographed from all sides.

keep up with technology. Take a step into the future with us.

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