3D Skanning

Let's build an accurate 3D model of an existing object.

3D scanning services

The best way to build the most accurate 3D model of a complex object is 3D scanning. Thanks to the 3D scanner, the physical shape of the sample will be accurately digitized.

What can we scan

We do not scan people and large objects such as premises.

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3D scanning process

Overall, the 3D scanning process is fairly straightforward. It uses a certain amount of radiation to one degree or another. Due to this, the device receives data on the physical properties of the object. Moreover, modern technologies also provide information on the color and texture of an object, which opens up much more opportunities for the implementation of creative and professional ideas. Therefore, if you have to design a complex object according to a model, do not hesitate to choose 3D scanning.

When ordering 3D scanning from EPTA, you get a number of advantages. Namely:

    ➤High precision – from 15 microns. All possible errors in 3D scanning are so insignificant that they are easily eliminated during further 3D modeling;
    ➤3D scanning of any objects. We scan absolutely everything! Everything that exists.
    ➤ Quality assurance. All orders for 3D scanning are executed on time according to the client’s requirements;
    ➤Work throughout Slovakia. 3D scanning in Slovakia is just gaining momentum and EPTA is striving to push the boundaries of possibilities. We are ready to cooperate regardless of your location.


High scanning accuracy.

We fix the size of the object with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. We eliminate geometry errors using 3D modeling.

Wide range of dimensions.

We scan objects from 10 mm to 2 meters in size.

File format convenient for you.

Export of the received information in the extension STL, OBJ, PLY, CAD.

High speed of work.

Several minutes for scanning and quick revision of the 3D model in professional programs.

if the item exists, it can be scanned

Let's build an accurate 3D model of an existing object.

We will conduct a full analysis of the geometry of the object, fix its real size, color and texture. You will receive an exact virtual 3D copy, which can be 3D printed in any quantity if necessary.

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