3D Modeling and Visualization

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    We develop a three-dimensional model of the object in digital format and helping to design
and beautifully present the future product.

    Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing is ideal for quick and cost-effective prototyping enclosures, prototyping parts, and debugging new devices for production. You can order 3D prototyping from us using the best technologies and favorable prices.

Applicational areas

  • creation of technical prototypes.
  • visualization of an  engineering structures.
  • Architecture design.
  • interiors and furniture.
  • Jewelry visualization.
  • Using 3D models for presentation or advertising.
  • modeling characters and locations in the gaming industry.

Faster and cheaper production

3D prototyping allows you prototype production up to 1 day to check the functionality and design of products at no extra cost.

High accuracy

We will print visual samples of your products on household or industrial 3D printers with an accuracy of 50 microns

Prototypes of any complexity at competitive prices

We have 5+ 3D prototyping technologies and our own equipment. Experienced specialists will select the optimal application program for your prototype.

Convenient modern production

Production of prototypes is carried out using digital 3D models, which are easy to fix if design errors are found

Model quality guarantee

Choosing EPTA. You are taking a step in the right direction.

    We work with experienced 3D designers of various profiles, so we can also suggest competent solutions to optimize design, reduce the cost of 3D printing, or fully develop a concept and make a 3D model oaccording your ideas.

    Our 3D designers include specialists in the field of jewelry, architectural prototyping, industrial design, modeling et cetera.

in simple words about difficult things

What is rapid prototyping and why is it needed?

    Almost all complex mechanisms and body parts are manufactured according to previously created drawings. However, converting drawings into a physical object, can risk the theoretical calculations if are inaccurate, and this will lead to incorrect operation of the device. As a result, expensive parts have to be thrown away and re-manufactured.

    To avoid unnecessary expenses, the pre-production of a simplified model of the future product becomes the optimal solution. For these purposes, there is a technology of rapid prototyping. It means the creation of prototypes to test and demonstrate the possibilities of project implementation. The technology allows, in the shortest possible time, to manufacture any object based on a 3D model, which is convenient to correct in case of errors.

    The main advantage of 3D prototyping is the reduction in both time and cost to bring the final product to market.

    In the modern manufacturing process, 3D modeling and visualization is an integral part of product development and is divided into several areas:


  • It gives you the ability to texture and edit texture maps directly on the surface of 3D objects.
  • 3D-sculpting by simplifying a lot of aspects of the model and turning the folding arms by hand.
  • The whole technology of modeling, as it is often victorious for painting computer images and characters, also with graphic graphics and professional image characteristics.

       3D sculpting is ideal for achieving photorealistic results, as well as for character design and animation.
So itself, like and fusing from the right clay, digital sculpting is a bogat-ball process. Artists can choose from a base model, a viconano, or a supplement for 3D-modeling, or from a simple form. Behind the additional PZ, you can manipulate a digital object so that life is not real.

Reverse Engineering

  • Reverse development – allows you to create a new model with full functionality based on a real analogue.
  • Reverse engineering is performed using 3D scanning and special software.
  • This technology has a number of properties: creating a more accurate
    3D-models based on old parameters, preserving all geometric features and details.

       By using a variety of CAD programs and reverse engineering, we can create accurate manufacturing data, analyze how it will work, and how it is possible to improve existing designs.
With reverse engineering, you can keep parts that are working or out of order and troubleshoot, regardless of the age of the product. We do reverse engineering for organizations in a variety of industries, including the aerospace, electronics and medical industries.

engineering modeling

  • Allow є shvidko to open a prototype of a product or a virobu in a 3D format,
    and then make a test version on a 3D printer.
  • I will forgive the process of optimizing the model, a digital copy can be made in detail, added to the details, and changed the geometries.
  • Here, there is a possibility of transferring any inaccuracies, errors, which can be redrawn at once.

       3D-modeling is more adaptable to technical projects, which require an accurate set of tools and less intuitive functions.
The 3D-model of the object proposes a unique perspective, designed to be vivified, be it a shortcoming on the model until the residual completion. Necessarily from the fact that there is a problem of details, the fault of the new technology.

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